Our Indoor & Outdoor Space

We have a Large sized Playgroup, allowing your children to play with lots of room alongside friends allowing them to gain new skills while being creative and having fun.

Our hall is set up to meet your children's needs and we change activities on a daily basis to make it new and exciting, we also have a smaller room so we can have quieter group times throughout the week.

Our garden area is very spacious to let your child run of there energy and bring their imaginations to life, we have a decking area at the top of our garden with a playhouse, sand & water play, mud kitchen area and more.

In the main garden area we have slides, bikes, scooters, balls, hula hoops, skipping ropes and much more, we change what we have out in the garden on a daily basis.

Indoors at St Andrews

The Playgroup's garden kindly...

Outdoors Space at St Andrews