Process check at 2

                            Early years practice procedures

                                 Progress check at age two

·         The key person is central to the progress check and must be the person completing it.

·          The check is completed if a child starts with us when they are 2. We use and share all information given to us and our own observations to complete the check. We will complete it within the first term of their starting, depending on how many days the child attends, but as soon as is possible.

·         Once the timing of the child’s progress check is confirmed, parents are invited to discuss their child’s progress at a mutually convenient time.

·         The setting must seek to engage both parents and make allowance for parents who do not live with their child to be involved.

Completing the progress check at age two

We follow guidance from the Integrated Review at 2 in Kent

·         On-going observational assessment informs the progress check and must be referred to.

·         Children’s contributions are included in the report. Staff must be ‘tuned in’ to the ways in which very young children, or those with speech or other developmental delay or disability, communicate/

·         Where any concerns about a child’s learning and development are raised these are discussed with the parents, the SENCo and the setting manager.

·         If concerns arise about a child’s welfare, they must be addressed through Safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults procedures.

·         The key person must be clear about the aims of the progress check as follows:

-       to review a child’s development in the three prime areas of the EYFS

-       to ensure that parents have a clear picture of their child’s development

-       to enable educators to understand the child’s needs and, with support from educators, enhance development at home

-       note areas where a child is progressing well and identify any areas where progress is less than expected

-       describe actions the provider intends to take to address any developmental concerns (working with other professionals as appropriate)

We will look at a child’s red health book to see the Health Visitors report and that the 2 yr. check has taken place. We will record this on the registration form.

We will refer to the Duty Health Visiting Team for an Integrated Review at 2 or to request a package of care. if any concerns were reported and work with their advice.

Once we have completed our own progress check aged 2 will record it in the child’s red health book.

If a childs progress is less than expected in any areas, we will contact the health visiting team for advice and support.