About Us

St Andrews Playgroup has been serving the local community since 1977-this is our 40th Year running standing strong, with a fantastic team working together in partnership to meet your children's needs.

We have a safe and enabling environment to help your children develop the skills through play meeting their individual needs, with a large indoor and outdoor space allowing your children Free flow providing child-Led and Adults-Led activities and tasks.

Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, this is what we use for your children's planning to help them develop the skills and knowledge they need for growing up- see about us page for more information.

We understand that leaving your child for the very first time can be stressful and upsetting for you and your child, at St Andrews we can work with you in partnership to try and make this a easier transition.

Settling in sessions, this is where you and your child can attend St Andrews before your child starts officially, this is where you will  meet your child's key worker and share the relevant information needed about your child so we can learn about your child's interests, culture, religion, to see if your child has any medical conditions, disabilities or allergies, this will allow us to prepare for when your child starts creating new attachments and bonds meeting your child's individual needs. 

You can come with your child to as many settling in sessions to benefit your child until you feel confidant your child is  happy, these first settling in sessions are very important so we would like to make the process as smooth as possible for you and your child to make it an easier transition.

At St Andrews we create partnerships with parents to work alongside you, to support your child flourish developing in the key areas.

.Personal, social & emotional development 

.Physical development

.Communication & language 



.Understanding the world

.Expressive arts and design 

We are Ofsted registered and also a member of the Pre-School learning alliance.

Snack Time

When your child starts our playgroup we offer fruit & vegetables alongside other foods groups everyday to support healthy eating, milk & water is also provided for your child to choose from.