Terrorist attack

Health and Safety Procedures

Terrorist threat/attack and lock-down

Most procedures for handling an emergency are focussed on an event happening in the building. However, in some situations we will be advised to stay put (lock-down) rather than evacuate. ‘Lock-down’ of a building/group of buildings is intended to secure and protect occupants in the proximity of an immediate threat. By controlling movement in an area, emergency services can contain and handle the situation more effectively.

· The setting manager assesses the likelihood of an incident happening based on their location.

· The setting manager will check the police website for advice and guidance.

· Local police contact numbers are clearly displayed for staff to refer to.

· Staff rehearse simple ‘age appropriate’ actions with the children such as staying low to the floor, keeping quiet and listening to instructions in the same way that fire procedures are practiced. Lock-down should be rehearsed and recorded termly.

· The setting manager is aware of the current terrorist alert level

· We follow any additional advice issued by the local authority.

· Emergency procedures are reviewed and added to if needed.

· Information about this procedure is shared with parents and all staff are aware of their role during ‘lockdown’.

· A text/phone message is issued to parents when lockdown is confirmed.

Suggested wording for parent message

Due to an incident we have been advised by the emergency services to secure the premises and stay put until we are given the ‘all clear’. Please do not attempt to collect your child until it is safe to do so. We will let you know as soon as we are able to when that is likely to be. In the meantime we need to keep our telephone lines clear and would appreciate your cooperation in not calling unless it is vital that you speak to us.

Lock-down procedures

If an incident happens the setting manager acts quickly to assess the likelihood of immediate danger. In most cases the assumption will be that it is safer to stay put and place the setting into ‘lockdown’ until the emergency services arrive. As soon as the emergency services arrive at the scene staff comply with their instructions.

Staff may shout lockdown in the event of an immediate risk or calmly follow procedures if a notifiable lockdown.

During ‘lock-down’

· Staff and children stay in their designated areas if it is safe to do so.

· Doors and windows are secured until further instruction is received.

· We access the back room and take keys, phone and contacts. Children have access to books and water

· Staff and children stay away from windows and doors. Screens are pulled across

· Children are encouraged to stay low and keep calm.

· Staff tune into a local TV or radio station for more information.

· Staff do NOT make non-essential calls on mobile phones or landlines.

· If the fire alarm is activated, staff and children remain in their designated area and await further instructions from emergency services, unless the fire is in their area. In which case, they will move to the next room/area, following usual fire procedures.

The door will not be opened once it has been secured until the manager is officially advised “all clear” or is certain it is emergency services at the door.

During lockdown staff do NOT:

· travel down long corridors

· assemble in large open areas

· call 999 again unless there is immediate concern for their safety, the safety of others, or they feel they have critical information that must be passed on

Following lockdown:

· Staff will cooperate with emergency services to assist in an orderly evacuation.

· Staff will ensure that they have the register and children’s details.

· Staff or children who have witnessed an incident will need to tell the police what they saw. The police may require other individuals to remain available for questioning.

· In the event of an incident, it is inevitable that parents will want to come to the setting and collect their children immediately. They will be discouraged from doing so, until the emergency services give the ‘all clear’. Staff will be always acting on the advice of the emergency services.

Recording and reporting

· The setting manager reports the lockdown to the trustees as soon as possible. In some situations, this may not be until after the event.

· A record is completed as soon as possible.

· Should we need to evacuate the premises including the grounds, we will go to The Brent Playgroup at The Church Hall, St Vincents Rd. This is in agreement with their manager. The Playgroup has everything needed for an evacuation. We will take parent details with us and wait for emergency services to let us know when its safe to return as procedure above.

Further guidance

Members of the public should always remain alert to the danger of terrorism and report any suspicious activity to the police on 999 or the anti-terrorist hotline: 0800 789 321.

For non-emergency, call the police on 101.