Missing Child

Safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults procedures

                                             Missing child

In the building

§  As soon as it is noticed that a child is missing, the member of staff informs the designated safeguarding lead who initiates a search within the setting.

§  If the child is found on-site, the designated safeguarding lead checks on the welfare of the child and investigates the circumstances of the incident.

§  If the child is not found on site, one member of staff searches the immediate vicinity, if there is no sign of the child, the police are called immediately.

§  The parents are then called and informed.

§  The designated safeguarding lead contacts the DSP, to inform them of the situation and seek assistance.

Off-site (outing or walk)

§  As soon as it is noticed that a child is missing, the senior staff present carries out a headcount.

§  One member of staff searches the immediate vicinity.

§  If the child is not found, the manager calls the police and then contacts the DSL.

§   The designated safeguarding lead informs the parents.

§  Members of staff return the children to the setting as soon as possible if it is safe to do so. According to the advice of the police, one senior member of staff should remain at the site where the child went missing and wait for the police to arrive.

Recording and reporting

·         A record is made on a Safeguarding incident reporting form. The designated safeguarding lead completes and circulates Confidential safeguarding incident report form on the same day that the incident occurred.

The investigation

§  Ofsted are informed as soon as possible (and at least within 14 days).

§  The DSL carries out a full investigation.

§  The designated safeguarding lead and the DSP speak with the parents together and explain the process of the investigation.

§  Each member of staff present during the incident writes a full report using  Safeguarding incident reporting form, which is filed in the child’s safeguarding file. Staff do not discuss any missing child incident with the press.