Record keeping policy

                         Record keeping policy


We have record keeping systems in place for the safe and efficient management of the setting and to meet the needs of the children; that meet legal requirements for the storing and sharing of information within the framework of the GDPR and the Human Rights Act.


·         Children’s records are kept in appropriate divided files, such as accidents and incidents, and safeguarding, and SEND and stored separately from their developmental records, or are kept electronically on management software systems.

·   Children’s personal registration information is in the contacts file with dividers. as specified in data protection.

·   Other material described as confidential as required, Early Help information or SEND support, are kept in personal files in the SEND folder. Health and Care Plan (EHCP, case notes including recording of concerns, discussions with parents, and action taken, copies of correspondence and reports from other agencies are kept in the safeguarding folder.

·   Ethnicity data is only recorded where parents have identified the ethnicity of their child themselves.

·         Confidentiality is maintained by secure storage of files in a locked cabinet with access restricted to those who need to know. Client access to records is provided for within procedure Client access to records.

·         Staff know how and when to share information effectively if they believe a family may require a particular service to achieve positive outcomes

·         Staff know how to share information if they believe a child is in need or at risk of suffering harm.

·         Staff record when and to whom information has been shared, why information was shared and whether consent was given. Where consent has not been given and staff have taken the decision, in line with guidelines, to override the refusal for consent, the decision to do so is recorded


The following information and documentation are also held:

-       name, address and contact details of the provider and all staff employed on the premises

-       name address and contact details of any other person who will regularly be in unsupervised contact with children

-       a daily record of all children looked after on the premises, their hours of attendance and their named key person

-       certificate of registration displayed and shown to parents on request

-       records of risk assessments

-       record of complaints