Staff deployment 

Staff, volunteers and students procedures

                                       Staff deployment

Members of staff are deployed to meet the care and learning needs of children and to ensure their safety and well-being at all times.

·         Two members of staff are on the premises before children are admitted in the morning and the end of the day; one of which should be the manager or deputy.

·         Only those staff aged 17 or over are included in ratios. Staff working as apprentices (aged 16 or over) may be included in the ratios if the setting manager is satisfied that they are competent and responsible.

·         At least one Paediatric First Aider must be on site at all times when children are present, although all staff are PFA trained.

·         The setting manager deploys staff to give adequate supervision of indoor and outdoor areas, ensuring that children are usually within sight and hearing of staff and always within sight or hearing of staff at all times.

·         All staff are deployed according to the needs of the setting and the children attending.

·         Staff plan their focus on activities

·         Staff inform colleagues if they have to leave the room for any reason.

·         There are generally two members of staff outside in the garden when it is being used, one of whom supervises climbing equipment that has been put out.

·         The setting manager may direct other members of staff to join those outside, if the numbers of children warrant additional staff.

·         Staff focus their attention on the children at all times whilst having a wider awareness of what is happening around them.

·         Staff do not spend working time in social conversation with colleagues.

·         Staff allow time for colleagues to engage in ‘sustained shared interaction’ with children and do not interrupt activities led by colleagues.

·         Sufficient staff are available at story times to engage children.

·         Key persons spend time with key groups daily; these times are not for focussed activities but for promoting shared times and friendship.

Staff children

·         Where members of staff have their own children with them at the setting, the age of the child must fall within the stipulated ages of the setting’s Ofsted registration.

·         Where members of staff are likely to be working directly with their own children, this is subject to discussion before commencement with the setting manager.

·         Where it is agreed that a member of staff’s child attends the setting, it is subject to the following:

-       the child is treated by the parent and all staff as any other child would be

-       the child will not be in the parent’s key group of children

-       the key person and parent will work towards helping the child to make a comfortable separation from the parent to allow the parent to fully undertake their role as a staff member of the setting

-       the key person will take responsibility for the child’s needs throughout the day, unless the child is sick or severely distressed

-       the situation is reviewed as required, to ensure that the needs of the child are being met, and that the parent is able to fulfil his/her role as a member of staff