Children’s bathrooms/changing areas Policy

                        Health and safety procedures

                                 Children’s bathrooms/changing areas

·         Children are provided with spare clothing and nappies/pants kept in our changing unit.

§  Older babies/toddlers have low changing surfaces they can climb on to, or floor surface is used. Staff should not have to lift heavy toddlers on to waist high units.

§  Changing mats are cleaned and disinfected after every change.

§  Disposable nappies/trainers are placed in the outside bin.

§  Staff use single use gloves and aprons to change children and wash hands when leaving changing areas. Please note that gloves are not always required for a wet nappy if there is no risk of infection, however, gloves are always available for those staff who choose to wear them for a wet nappy. Gloves are always worn for a ‘soiled’ nappy.

§  Staff never turn their backs on or leave a child unattended whilst on a changing mat.

§  Changing mats are covered in tissue roll for each change.

§  Anti-bacterial spray is not used where residue may have direct contact with skin.

§  Anti-bacterial sprays used in nappy changing areas are not left within the reach of children.

§  Natural ventilation is used; chemical air fresheners are not used.

§  All other surfaces are disinfected daily.

Children’s toilets and wash basins

·         Children’s toilets are cleaned daily using disinfectant cleaning agent for the bowls (inside and out), seat and lid, and whenever visibly soiled.

·         Toilet flush handles are disinfected daily.

·         Toilets not in use are checked to ensure the U-bend does not dry out and are flushed every week. Taps not in use are run for several minutes every two to three days to prevent infections such as Legionella.

·         There is a toilet brush available for children’s toilets.

·         Cubicle doors and handles are washed weekly.

·         Children’s hand basins are cleaned daily and whenever visibly soiled, inside, and out using disinfectant cleaning agent. Separate cloths are used to clean basins etc. and are not interchanged with those used for cleaning toilets.

·         Mirrors and tiled splash backs are washed daily.

·         Paper towels are provided.

·         Bins are provided for disposal of paper towels and are emptied daily.

·         All bins are lined with plastic bags.

·         Staff who clean toilets wear rubber gloves.

·         Staff changing children wear gloves and aprons as appropriate.

·         Wet or soiled clothing is sluiced, rinsed, and put in a plastic bag for parents to collect.

·         Floors in children’s toilets are washed daily.

·         Spills of body fluids are cleared and mopped using disinfectant.

·         Mops are rinsed and wrung after use and stored upright, not stored head down in buckets.

·         Mops used to clean toilets or body fluids from other areas are designated for that purpose only and kept separate from mops used for other areas.

·         Used water is discarded in a drain outside.