Health and safety procedures


§  All gates and fences are childproof, safe, and secure.

§  Areas are checked daily to make sure animal droppings, litter, glass etc. is removed. Staff wear rubber gloves to do this.

§  Bushes or overhanging trees are checked to ensure they do not bear poisonous berries.

§  Stinging nettles and brambles are removed if they pose a risk to younger children.

§  Safety mats are provided under certain equipment when required.

§  Wooden equipment is maintained safely, put away daily and not used if broken.

§  Wooden equipment is sanded and varnished as required.

§  Broken climbing equipment or outdoor toys are removed and reported to the setting manager.

§  Children are always supervised within ratios outside.

§  Children are suitably attired for the weather conditions and type of outdoor activities.

§  Sun cream (if parents have given permission) is applied and hats are worn during the summer months. Outdoor play is avoided in extreme heat between noon and 3pm.

§  Children who have no adequate means of sun protection, such as a hat, long sleeves and trousers or sun cream, will not be able to play outdoors in un-shaded areas.

§  Children are supervised on climbing equipment, especially younger children.

§  Water play is not left out but is cleared, cleaned and stored after each use.

§  Receptacles are left upturned to prevent collection of rainwater, this is important in areas where there are vermin to prevent urine/faeces contaminating the water.

§  Sightings of vermin are recorded and reported to the manager who reports to the Environmental Health’s Pest Control Department.

§  Outdoor areas that have flooded are not used until cleaned down and restored. Grassed areas are not played on for at least one week after the floodwater has gone.


If there are concerns about a ‘drone’ being flown over the outdoor area, that may compromise children’s safety or privacy, the setting manager will contact the police on 101.

·         Children will be bought inside immediately.


·         Parents will be informed that a Drone has been spotted flying over the outdoor area and will be advised fully of the actions taken by the setting.

·         The police will have their own procedures to follow and will act accordingly.

·         If at any point following the incident, photographs taken by a drone emerge on social media that could identify the nursery or individual children, these are reported to the police.

·         A record is completed in the Notifiable Incident Record unless there is reason to believe that the incident might have safeguarding implications, for example:

-       the drone has hovered specifically over the outdoor area for any length of time

-       there is a likelihood that images of the children have been recorded

-       is spotted on more than one occasion

-       if the Police believe there is cause for concern

Where this is the case, Safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults procedures are followed.