Kitchen Policy

Health and safety procedures                                                                   Kitchen

General safety

·         Bottom of the stable door to the kitchen is always kept closed.

·         Children do not have unsupervised access to the kitchen.

·         Children are not taken to the kitchen when meal preparation is taking place.

·         Wet spills are mopped immediately.

·         Ventilation is used when cooking..

Cleanliness and hygiene

Staff follow the recommended cleaning schedules in Safer Food Better Business (SFBB).

·         Floors are washed down at least daily.

·         All work surfaces are washed regularly with anti-bacterial agent.

·         Inside of cupboards are cleaned monthly.

·         Cupboard doors and handles are cleaned regularly.

·         Fridge and freezer doors are wiped down regularly

·         Ovens/cooker tops are wiped down daily after use; ovens are fully cleaned monthly.

     Washing up done by hand is carried out in double sinks, where available, one to wash, one to rinse.

·         Where possible all crockery and cutlery are air dried.

·         Plates and cups are only put away when fully dry.

·         Tea towels, if used, are used once. They are laundered after use.

·         Any cleaning cloths used for surfaces are washed and replaced daily.

·         There is a mop, bucket, broom, dustpan, and brush set aside for kitchen use only.

·         Any repairs needed are recorded and reported to the manager who reports to the landlord

·         Chip pans are not used.

·         All staff hold a Food and Hygiene certificate.