Welcome To St Andrews Playgroup

Ofsted Inspection November 2019 : Good

Dear Parents and Carers,

we are closing until further notice under government guidelines. We will continue to update you on this website and by phone or email where possible. Thank you so much for all your support and we wish you well in the coming months.

Our Daily Routine

If you have siblings use a timer (can use Alexa, your phone ect, if you don't have a physical timer) for sharing and turn taking. We usually use a 5 minuet timer just for sharing 'its my turn, its your turn'.

Free play

Yoga (10 minuets) resources available online e.g YouTube baby yoga.

Have a drink afterwards

Free Play includes Fine Motor skills (can google this for resources & ideas) which includes safe use of scissors, gluing, sticking (can do junk sticking with your recycling) play-dough, foamy bubbles (whisk a small amount of water with washing up liquid) water play ect...

Snack time and a drink remember good hand washing- 'wash wash wash your hands, make them nice and clean, scrub them till the germs fall off, to make them nice and clean'' (to the row your boat tune). Discus healthy eating and what foods give us e.g. Strong bones and teeth from cheese, milk, yogurts ect, 5 A Day of fruit and veg will keep us healthy, carbs for energy.

Garden time or a walk (if feasible) or do exercises (Gross motor skills) have a drink or take with you.

Free play time.

Use a 5 Minuet timer prior to tidy up time '5 minuets of play until tidy up time' Then tidy up the toys time(to baby shark song'Tidy up dooo dooo dooo dooo dooo' ect)

Have a drink stay hydrated.

Talk about days of the week, the weather, you can choose a theme to concentrate on e.g spring time / growing or of your choice.

Choose and learn Makaton word of the day and learn the sign.g' Butterfly' google signs online.

Include maths and literacy in play example: explain what ingredients you using to make a sandwich or dinner . Look at signs and Labels and explain what they mean or what the words say ect, how heavy objects are' 1 more or 1 less can use cars, pens toys ect....

Painting Rainbows and putting them in the Windows.

PE With Joe Wick's on YouTube at 9Am Mon-Fri.

Keep safe and healthy from everyone from St Andrews

Sign of the day

please pop in or call us on 07979 092 993

We welcome children from ages 2.5 Years old up Until 5 Years old and currently have availability.

Ofsted Registered

St Andrews Playgroup has been serving the local community since 1977-this is our 40th Year running standing strong, with a fantastic team working together in partnership to meet your children's needs.

We have a safe and enabling environment to help your children develop the skills through play meeting their individual needs, with a large indoor and outdoor space allowing your children Free flow providing child-Led and Adults-Led activities and tasks.

Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, this is what we use for your children's planning to help them develop the skills and knowledge they need for growing up- see about us page for more information.